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    Surprises? Most likely!


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    Surprises? Most likely!

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:19 am

    Greetings fellow fraggers!

    The website has yet to be updated, however as some must have noticed,
    we are having new games in our Library!
    - Quake Live
    - Ballistic Overkill
    The first one is a real classic, and the latter is quite fun too.
    This follows the change of hardware of the servers hosting our instances.

    Do not worry though, these game servers added won't impact in any way our current servers as I've made a drastic change in our hosting structure.
    And should they not meet our "quality requirements" I will shut them down.
    (that's why i won't add them yet on our website as long as i'm not sure everything work smoothly)

    And as said, i will not modify the donation target despite being more expensive.
    I had some players who approched me saying "dude why are you asking for donations? If you can't pay for the bills, don't start hosting servers in the first place!"
    My answer to this? I DO NOT beg for donations, I started this community so that i can play with fellow gamers who share a similar way of thinking regarding gaming regardless of:
    origin, sex, religion, politic and so on.

    I struggled hard to find a good compromise regarding cost/efficiency so that despite not being rich, it won't impact my daily life,
    and i think that in terms of cost compared to games you pay for some even a hundred for only few hours of actual playtime, it's still worth it!
    This also means that yes I will obviously be gratefull whenever someone help me with the bills
    (even few bucks, it's always welcome, imagine 1euros / month even half of the members of this group page would mean
    for our hosting capacity a huge improvement and new heavy games to host too),
    but it's NOT mandatory, and exept if something happens to me, the servers for our community will keep on running regardless of donations.

    Thanks for taking some of your time to read me.
    Cheers, and happy fraggin!

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