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Clan founded in September 2017 for the game Insurgency, since January 2018 we are now a multi gaming community running servers for many games!

    =.KoG.= Keeps on growing!


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    =.KoG.= Keeps on growing!

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:34 pm

    Hello dear members, regulars and players!

    It's time to give your heads up of what' been updated recently in =.KoG.=,
    because a lot happened within few days!

    1. Shut down of our 5th Codename Cure server
    2. Add of a "new game" to our hosting library: Counter-Strike: Source with 3 servers
    3. Add of 2 Mumble servers of 300 slots each with chat rooms dedicated for all of our servers,
      with also game rooms for other games that we don't host ourselves.
    4. New website with redirection to our forum
    5. Donation system avaible for those willing (and able to ofc) help us paying servers bills.
    6. Monthly raffles to win Steam keys for various games: one dedicated for =.KoG.= members and
      another one for all of our regulars registered on our Steam group page.
    7. =.KoG.= worldwide ranks went up! 4th place for Killing Floor 2 and 2sd place for Insurgency! Thanks for your support!

    See you all ingame!

    PS: Don't forget we are always recruiting new members/admins too!

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