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Clan founded in September 2017, mainly focused on the game Insurgency, since January 2018 we are now running game servers for: Killing Floor 2, Codename CURE, Fistful of Frags, and Pirates Vikings & Knights 2.

    =.KoG.= Mumble servers


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    =.KoG.= Mumble servers

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:02 pm

    What is Mumble? And why choosing it?

    Mumble is a voice chat application for groups. While it can be used for any kind of activity,
    it is primarily intended for gaming. It can be compared to programs like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak.
    People tend to simplify things, so when they talk about Mumble they either talk about "Mumble" the client application.
    Mumble is a very powerfull solution, which is free, open source, and very low on ressources used in background.

    Our MUMBLE servers:

    • - knightsofgaia1, this server is dedicated to the following games: Insurgency, Killing Floor 2, Codename CURE, Pirates,Viking&Knights2, Fistful of Frags.
      Port: 30837

    • - knightsofgaia2, this server is dedicated to the following games: Black Squad, Paladins.
      Port: 30842

    How do I connect to =.KoG.= Mumble Servers?

    • Step 1 - Download Mumble
      You must have the Mumble Client before you can connect to our servers. Click here to download the Mumble client.

    • Step 2 - Open up the Mumble Client on your computer.
      Open up Mumble and click on the
      "Add New..." button.
      Please make sure you are NOT running the "Mumble (Backwards Compatible) (1.1.x)" version of the client.
      You will be unable to connect to our Mumble servers with the (Backwards Compatible) version of the Mumble client.

    • Step 3 - Enter in your Server Name, Address, Port and Username.
      Label: This can be anything you want.
      Address: Enter in the hostname/address of our server:
      Port: Enter in the port that was assigned to one of our two servers:  30837  for server 1 OR 30842 for server 2.
      Username: Your desired username.
      Click the "OK" button once you have entered in all your Mumble server information.

    • Step 4 - Highlight your newly added server and click connect.
      Find your newly added Mumble server in your favorites and click the "Connect" button.

    • Step 5 - Verify the Self signed certificate.
      Click the "Yes" button when you are asked to verify the certifcate.
      Congratulations! You should now be connected to your Mumble Server.

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