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    Possible "Improvement" to the Team kill system?



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    Possible "Improvement" to the Team kill system?

    Post by TotallyNotMatte on Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:11 pm

    I feel like accidental team kills are being punished too much, or rather punishing the entire team is a little much.
    My problem here is that I know why the system is in place, someone joins the server and team kills, the person who team kills dies so he can't team kill more enemies, makes sense right? Yeah, however it also punishes the team in the sense where an accidental team kill or even team damage, because it does not just happen on a team kill.
    I've had multiple rounds where I throw a grenade at enemies and a teammate walks close to it, not on it but close to it and it just kills me due to damage I did to my teammate, or kills both me and my teammate making the team lacking 2 people. I haven't given this much thought as to what could possibly be a solution to this, but I do believe there could be a better system than this.
    I do believe people who intentionally team kill should be punished, however I don't see the reason to both punish someone over and accident and definitely not an entire team due to an accident.

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    Re: Possible "Improvement" to the Team kill system?

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:55 am

    There's no direct reason to punish accidental TKing.
    But do you think that it would be possible to stop someone going on rampage if i remove this auto slay+autokick while I lack manpower?

    I know it sucks, and the only server which has only auto kick is our competitive server. But as you must have guessed i'm facing lots of issues on this very same server.

    When i'll have enough admins to be sure at least one is there on every server that has FF on, i'll be willing to disable auto slay. Till then, I will not remove this.
    Compared to few times that the team is punished, the gains are too much to not take them into account (how many times i've seen players intentionnaly TKing and leave after being slayed because they couldnt keep on? You can't even imagine.)

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