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Clan founded in September 2017 for the game Insurgency, since January 2018 we are now a multi gaming community running servers for many games!

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    What's New?

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:14 pm

    Hello everyone!

    Short message in order to wish you in advance Merry Xmas!

    Some news for you:

    1) Raffle between all players! (not only KoG members Wink )

    Even if everyone will have presents by the time this raffle starts...

    From the 25th of December till the 2sd of January, all players registered in this group, and who are playing on =.KoG.= servers, will participate in raffles in order to win games on Steam Smile

    Everyday, one player within all 5 servers will be picked at random hours.
    Which means, the more you play, the more your chances to win increase Smile

    The results will be displayed during the first week of January 2018.

    Good luck everyone!

    2) Upgrade of all servers' hardware

    Two weeks ago, we had our french servers upgraded.
    Thus I had all of them follow this path.
    Which means more stability and fun for everyone!

    On side note: timer to move players who are afk is now at 90 seconds.

    3) Ban waves... again!

    Last week, I didn't report the amount of players removed from our servers, and I will NOT update this every week even though we are still doing it.
    That being said, lemme tell you that now we have reached 214 players who are perma banned from all five =.KoG.= servers.
    Which is 32 added since last time...

    Such amount shouldn't make us happy, as it means we are still facing trolls and such, however, this also means that our clan is doing its best to keep the best environement possible for everyone to have fun.


    Merry xmas everyone, and see you all soon ingame! Smile
    Happy fraggin' Wink

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