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Clan founded in September 2017 for the game Insurgency, since January 2018 we are now a multi gaming community running servers for many games!

    New Server!


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    New Server!

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:13 pm

    Hoy hoy hoy!

    It's xmas before due time! Smile

    It's been more than a month since I started this clan, and what can i say exept that our clan is doing really well in such period of time!
    Thus in order to enjoy Insurgency even more...

    Starting today, we all will be able to enjoy playing on
    tactical operation playlist too!

    =.KoG.= Xtreme Tactical Operations :

    Based in UK, this 16 players server also have same settings as
    our first xtreme pvp server:
    - vac + battleye + sv_pure 2
    - friendly fire on
    - no hud
    - auto slay on TK and auto kick after 3 TK in a round.

    Happy fragging!

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