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    Idle players / AFK.


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    Idle players / AFK.

    Post by =.KoG.=KosMos on Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:41 am

    Our servers are set to prevent the usage of vote kick option so that
    no group would be able to kick players just because they feel like it
    or just because they wanna troll.

    However with such settings, as you must have noticed, when we have
    players who go AFK without moving to spectators or leaving the server,
    this situation can block the whole game, even more when it's in the spawn point.

    When such things happen you need to pray that the guy/girl will come back soon or that an admin around kick this player
    (that's why guys, no need to call for a vote to MUTE, it's useless... unless you really want to mute someone for a valid reason.

    That's why I decided to set the cvar to kick players at 5 mins.
    Most servers don't use it as it kicks spectators, but I prefer to kick both spectators and AFK players,
    than keeping these kids around and block the whole game.
    (which result in usually an empty server as players are pissed for not being able to keep on playing).

    => Long story short, if you don't move for 5 mins, you'll get kicked from server.

    Hope this will solve this issue which is bothersome in many ways.

    Have fun everyone!

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