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    Lots of changes for the best ?!


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    Lots of changes for the best ?!

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Thu May 31, 2018 3:31 am

    Greetings everyone!

    I hope you are all fine!
    Spring is near its end and new games are coming in the future!

    Before starting few things regarding our gaming events:
    The results of our monthly contest will be displayed on our forums during this week-end. And the new ones will start as well with new prizes too! Smile

    • So what's going on now?

    Major changes regarding our hardware!
    Instead of using 6 VDS in order to host our game servers,
    we have now switched to 2 dedicated servers and one VDS.

    As you must have guessed, this means that this new hardware is much more effective! However, in order to cover up the cost as much as possible,
    we have shut down the less popular servers and kept only the most popular ones.

    This change was necessary in order to get rid of some past issues which
    were due to lack of processing ressources. This allow us to bring a far better gaming experiences to all of us.

    In addition, the new rigs are ready to host new games which gonna be release in a not so far future:
    Insurgency Sandstorm, and TO4: Tactical Operations.

    Bellow the current changes:

    • Shut down of 3 public Insurgency servers: Coop Hunt, PvP skirmish, and Pvp Ambush.
      The 8 remaining public servers are now hosted on the same server. As for the private ones, these are on the second rig ordered.
    • Shut down of Killing Floor 2 server 6 PVP, and transfer of server 7 Coop endless to the same rig which host all the KF2 servers.
    • Terraria and Zombie Panic Source! are no longer supported.
    • Quake Live has been transferred to the new host.
    • Out of 3 Ballistic Overkill servers, one has been shut down as always empty, and the 2 others have been transferred to the new host.
    • Codename CURE has now only one Coop server, which has been transferred as well.

    All serverrs lists have been updated to reflect these changes, should you need to check the new IPs,
    everything is up to date on our Forum, and on our Steam group page

    In terms of costs we are a bit higher, but still within original amont.
    (the only difference regarding our donation target is that now i display the price
    with the VAT contrary to before) Thus, if you ever give us a hand with servers fees, you are more than welcome!

    Hope you'll all enjoy this new setup!

    Have fun everyone and happy fraggin'!

    =.KoG.= Kosmos

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