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    Against cheating, new settings!


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    Against cheating, new settings!

    Post by =.KoG.=KosMos on Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:49 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Recently more and more cheaters have been spotted here and there across
    the different servers avaible online.

    As you all know all of our servers have VAC and Battleye enabled to protect us
    from these kids. However it is not enough, thus for our two PvP servers,
    I decided to set them with sv_pure 2.

    What does it mean?
    "In this mode, all game content is forced to be default. This is identical to running in mode sv_pure 1 and with everything in the whitelist file set to from_steam.
    If you set sv_pure to 2, then the server will not even load the pure_server_whitelist.txt file. Instead, it will apply the from_steam attribute to all materials, models, and sounds.
    This can be useful for competitive matches where one team is hosting the game. The team who is not hosting the game can look in their console at round start and see which
    sv_pure mode the server is using. If the server is using sv_pure 2, then the non-hosting team can know that the players on the hosting team are not using custom content"

    I know we all have sexy skins for our weapons and such, but as it may be missused to gain advantage over players, I prefered to remove this ability for our PvP servers.

    Have fun everyone and see you ingame!

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