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Freshly new made clan for the FPS: Insurgency on PC. This game is avaible on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This clan is multi-cultural and emphasis on sharing fun!

    How to join =.KoG.= clan?


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    How to join =.KoG.= clan?

    Post by =.KoG.=KosMos on Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:55 pm

    You wanna join us? Good!

    We are always looking for new members.
    We aren't rude, but we do expect few things from people who wanna apply to join us.

    Please create a ne topic in this sub forum and fill in the form bellow:

    Steam_ID and/or link to your Steam profile:
    Age (/!\minimum required 16 years old):
    Tell us a bit about yourself:

    When done, we'll check out how you behave. And if you fit to how fun and respectfull players should be, you'll be invited to join our ranks.

    Don't forget even if you apply and that you are added to our Steam Group, it doesn't mean you're a member yet.
    So don't try to put our Tag on without being given green light. It would result in permanent ban from our servers.

    Obviously for players who are recommended by our current members, I shall accept their application and set them admins on our servers faster.

    /!\If you have been a trouble maker on our servers and/or if you have been VAC banned on any game, don't even bother applying. Your application will be denied.

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