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    Gametracker issue?

    =.KoG.= AlaskaDeadtone
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    Gametracker issue?

    Post by =.KoG.= AlaskaDeadtone on Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:39 am

    Gametracker is currently having issues recognizing the servers, but the servers are still up and running. Will continue to make sure that the servers are not affected and try to find out what is going on with Gametracker.

    If you come across any issues, please let =.KoG.= AlaskaDeadtone know here on the forum, or through Steam.

    For some reason, Gametracker recognizes the servers are online (as well as their addreses/ports), but does not recognize the name, players, or the map. This is currently occurring for the following servers:

    Killing Floor 2

    • =.KoG.= #3 COOP Survival: Hardcore! :

    • =.KoG.= #4 COOP Survival: Nightmare! :

    • =.KoG.= #5 COOP Weekly Outbreaks :


    • =.KoG.= #4 PVP Xtreme Sustained Combat | FF ON :

    • =.KoG.= #5 PVP Sneaky Warfare | FF ON :

    • =.KoG.= #9 COOP Hardcore | Brutal Botcount | FF OFF:

    • =.KoG.= #10 COOP Conquer | Brutal Bot Count | FF OFF:

    • =.KoG.= #12 COOP Elite Hunt | Brutal Bot Count | FF OFF :

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    Re: Gametracker issue?

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:35 pm

    Issue fixed by GT.

      Current date/time is Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:46 pm