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    News, News! :D


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    News, News! :D

    Post by =.KoG.=Kosmos on Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:38 pm

    Dear fellow fraggers,

    I hope you are all fine!
    During this week, lots of changes have occured.
    As promised 2 of our servers for Insurgency have become private,
    however there's much more to this!

    Here are the news:

    • Add of 2 New servers for Insurgency : 1 Coop hardcore and 1 PvP Competitive
    • Password set on Insurgency servers 6 and 11 to provide a chill environement for our clan members only
    • Insurgency server 9 is no longer passworded due to the above changes
    • With 11 Insurgency servers, our clan has become the 4th biggest in terms of hosting capacity
    • Our ranking on Gametracker is getting better and better, thanks for your support!
    • Our clan support now the game Codename Cure up to 6 game servers: 5 Coop and 1 Pvp /!\ Though regarding this, if the stability isn't as good as the other games we operate, I should reduce this amont.
    • Killing Floor 2 servers have been updated and soon an Endless gamemode server should hopefully be set in the future.

    On the overhall, I want to thank all of you, clan members and regulars for your support! Always nice playing with you around!
    Also wanted to thank again those who did donate in order to help me out with the servers bills.

    Finally, Very soon, we will hold at last a bit of competition (one dedicated to our clan members, and a second one public to all of our regulars) in order to let you win Steam keys to various games.

    and happy fraggin' Wink

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